Canada Day!!


Let me start off by saying that I am not Canadian, but most days I wish I were!


To me Canada is like a second home. Every summer since I was born my family would go up to these little old rustic cottages in Kingston, Ontario. We went the same time in July every single summer so everyone there become like family to us.

I’m not an outdoors kind of girl, but I would make an exception just for Canada! The air is just so fresh and gives you such a relaxed feeling. Maybe it’s just me, but I also think that everything taste better in Canada. Mind you, we would bring food from home to cook while we were up there, but it never tasted the same when we ate it at home!

I would spend a week enjoying catching frogs, fishing (aka falling asleep on the boat), boogie boarding, having water balloon fights, fish fries, playing volleyball, reading under a nice tree, and going into the town of West Point.


At night everyone would get together with their wine, pepperoni, cheese, and crackers and play cards and listen to the sounds of the frogs and the lake hitting off the docks.

Canada felt like a whole different world to me. I never had any bad memories there and looking back I wish I got a chance to enjoy it a little more. My family is big into fishing so once the fishing got bad where we would go and my grandparents got too old to go, we stopped going. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t miss it to the point where I often think about visiting or one day trying to move there. A big part of my heart will always be left in Canada.

So, if you have never been to any part of Canada, I would recommend it! No matter what part of Canada you visit, I’m sure it will be a trip that you never forget!


If you are interested in checking out the cabins that I called home, do so now! Make Irwin’s Cabins your second home just like I did!

July 31 Day Challenge!



EXCITING news everyone! If your one of those people who never knows what day it is then hold on tight! Today is the first day of July! When I think of July I think of cookouts, smores, camping, and all things summer!

Personally, July is going to be an exciting month for me (hopefully). I PLAN on getting my butt back to the gym, I am moving into a nicer place mid July, and I am doing this July 31 day challenge!

Being new to blogging I kind of just jumped right into everything. I was so pumped to be writing again that I threw all my ideas into blog posts within the first 2 days. After that IĀ was stuck for a little while wondering what I do next. Well, I decided that for the month of July I am going to challenge myself by doing a blog every single day for the next 31 days, starting 5 minutes ago!

So stick around, it’s going to be an exciting month! Let me know if you guys are challenging yourself this month!

& stick around for tomorrow’s blog where I share my experience with going away to college for the 1st time! Spoiler alert, it wasn’t a good one for me!



Chasing the social media “life”

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter. 4 words that have become universal. Let’s be real here, does anyone even remember what life was like without social media?

I still like to consider myself to be fairly young. I’m 24 and have been around before social media. Crazy to see how the world has changed in less then 20 years.

I remember being a young girl and the only thing I used a computer for was to play my sim games. Man, how the times have changed. Now, I sit on social media all day and THEN I play my Sims. Don’t even get me started on how much The Sims have developed!

Anyways, I can look back on a time when I was in second grade and was helping my Aunt make an online dating profile. I didn’t know much about social media at the time, but somehow I knew more then anyone else in my family. I don’t even remember what dating website it was, but it certainly wasn’t like it is now. Now, there are too many to even name and it has become more socially accepted to hang out on these sites.

Then, we had MySpace. I have to admit I LOVED Myspace. I was actullay really bummed out when Facebook became a thing. I didn’t feel like social media was much of a competition back when we had MySpace.

MySpace was all about you. Your top friends and your long Bios where you went on and on about yourself and your best friends. Then, to top it off you were able to let your personality really shine through with being able to customize your background and the music you wanted to play. I was always so involved with my MySpace. I spent way too much time finding the perfect “layout” and picking my top songs. You were really able to get to know someone just by their MySpace.


Now, with all the new social media sites everything feels like a competition. It’s not about you anymore, it’s about being better then everyone else and having nicer stuff then anyone else. Social media these days are just bragging platforms.

Oh, you went out to eat? Better check yourself into that place on Facebook, take that Snapchat of the fancy restaurant, and post a perfect picture of your food on Instagram. You went shopping? Better take a picture of everything you bought and add it to all your social media to let people know you bought new stuff. Pay day? You bet that paycheck was all over Snapchat.

We, me included, have become so blind to what we are actually doing. The bragging isn’t something we even think about, it just becomes a habit. Everything we do has to be documented all over social media. We want others to hold us to a certain standard over social media that may not be real in real life. We want to buy the best and newest things just so that we can let social media know we have it and so on. I mean it even comes down to the food we eat. We eat the best food just so that we can Snapchat it so others know what we are eating.

We may not be calling it bragging anymore, but that’s exactly what we are doing. It’s not about us anymore, it’s about what we have.

Social media has spread like wildfire and is showing no sign of slowing down. Take me back to the MySpace days anytime, when things were a little more simple.



Meowbox šŸ±

You spend all day everyday tracking that shipping number until that package arrives at your front door. You feel the excitement of opening the door and diving into your package. There is no greater feeling then getting a new fresh package in the mail.

If your a human and are anything like me, then you most likely share those same feelings. BUT, what about our non human friends? Shouldn’t they be able to share those same experiences as we do? Well, now they can!

Thanks to my favorite YouTuber, Casey Holmes, I have learned all about the Bark Box. This is a monthly subscription of treats and toys for your DOG! It was such a great feeling watching her dogs, Daisy and Rose, receive their boxes every month filled with all types of good stuff! Now, I don’t have a dog anymore (RIP Winter ā¤šŸ¶), but I do have a cat.

One day I decided to look up “bark box for cats” and I surprisingly came across the Meow Box. Now, the bark and the meow box are NOT affiliated, but they are just about the same thing. I didn’t even have to think about it, I signed my cat, Bella, up for a monthly Ā subscription quicker then I could even pull out my credit card.

It was a very easy process. I filled out both my and my cats information and then decided what type of subscription I wanted for her. You could do the monthly subscription or the every other month one. No matter what one you pick, you still get 4-6 items in each box as well as free shipping. Now, the plans do automatically renew, but you can cancel anytime and I believe you can even skip months if you wanted to. Similar to those shoedazzle and just fab and all those other types of human monthly subscriptions.

My cat is spoiled, so I picked the monthly one. It’s $22 a month, but I did google discount codes and ended up finding a 10% off code for my first month, so I ended up paying about $20.

Aside from the fact that my cat is going to be Ā receiving some great toys and healthy, organic treats, you will also be helping to feed other cats.

They have more information on their website, but they say that “for every meowbox you buy, we give a can of food (or monetary equivalent) to a shelter cat on your behalf”. How cool is that! On top of that they also give you a code so you can see where you helped out at!

My cat got her first meow box in today. Everything in it was so nicely put together and there are defiantly high-quality toys and treats. Now, it’s only our first box so far, but as of right now if you love your cat at much as I love mine, I would definitely recommend signing up!


“Oh My Goodness!”

So, since my last Blog was a little heavy I wanted to lighten things up with my #1 favorite Youtuber.

Now, I’m not too involved in Youtube, but within the last few years I have come across a few channels that have inspired me in one way or another. I originally had this blog as my top 3 favorites, but then decided to do just my #1. If you are interested in checking out my other two, they areĀ Jeanine Amapola andĀ Polina Beregova.

My NUMBER ONE girl!- Casey Holmes

gBKCGQa1_400x400 (Main Channel) (Vlog Channel)

To say the least I have a slight shopping addiction. I found this online boutique called NanaMacs. They do weekly live streams on Facebook showing and trying on all their new products. They are the root of my shopping addiction. Anyways, a few times in their live streams they have mentioned Youtube Star, Casey Holmes. Now, the firstĀ one or two times I did not pay much attention to this. Finally, after a little while I found myself asking “Who is this Casey Holmes chick”? So, I looked her up on Youtube and watched a few videos. I instantly was like “YES GIRL!”. Not going to lie, I have not watched many videos on her main channel. I am not a makeup freak so I don’t find any of that stuff to beĀ AS appealingĀ as general vlogs. Now, call me crazy, but I felt like I had ALOT of catching up to do. One day on my day off I decided I was going to binge watch her vlog channel, as If it was Netflix or something. At this point I have watched mostly all of her vlogs.

What I love about Casey is that she is REAL! It is very hard to find someone on Youtube who you feel like you can actually connect with. A lot of the other girls I have watched all think they are hot shit and become really fake, really fast. Not Casey though. For the most part she keeps her channel clean. She does not have to throw the F bomb off every few minutes or dress like she is going to a strip club every weekend. She has adultĀ tasks like everyone else and its just fun to watch. Who thought watching someone go grocery shopping or cleaning their house would be eventful? I find myself trying new things and buying certain stuff because of Casey.Ā  Not to mention the LOVE she has for her dogs! If you watch her vlogs and her interacting with her pups, then you will understand the whole “Oh my goodness”. That itself is one reason to watch her vlogs.

Also, I give this girl mad props for always going out in public with little to no makeup on and STILL looks amazing! I wish I can do that!

I can continue to go on and on, but then I might sound like a crazy obsessive stalker and who wants that? So, I’ll leave it at this. If you are looking for a down to earth Youtuber, then check out her channel. You will not be disappointed.Ā  BTW- She also did a collaboration with Smashbox for her Spotlight Highlighter Palette. I bought it in Pearl and it is amazing!

Check it out here!