Hungry and Afraid- 72 hour H20 fast

Here is a stupid question for you guys. Have you ever tried to lose weight, but it feels like all you ever do is fail and waste your time? Because, same.

I have tried eating a little more healthy, eating a little less, not eating after dinner, working out, Keto, pretty much everything.

The only “diet” that has seemed to work for me so far was Keto, however, it was not manageable for me. I am a VERY picky eater, so trying to find things on Keto was very difficult. For a few weeks ( about 3) I was mostly just eating lots of eggs, bacon, sausage, pizza on a low carb wrap, hot dogs, and maybe some chicken here and there. I ended up losing roughly 8-10 pounds and FELT IT, but I was miserable and getting tired of eating the same things all day everyday that I just didn’t want to do it anymore. After that, I started binging more on junk food, ya know, a large pizza for myself, Chinese with 2 egg rolls, salt and vinegar chips, etc. However, for some reason I was more turned off from fast food like McDonalds or Burger kings and my soda intake is still once in a blue moon.

Getting to the point….

Summer is coming up. For me that means 2 weddings and a beach vacation. I want to feel good in my strapless bridesmaids dress, I want to wear a two piece bathing suit again. I’m 26, these should be my prime years.

So, I have decided to jump off the deep end and do something completely out of my comfort zone. No food for 72 hours…


Now, this wasn’t something that was planned, or else I wouldn’t be doing it at the very same time I was getting my period or finally had a nice day and could have cooked on the grill.

I joined a Facebook group and heard about someone doing a 3 day water fast. I did some quick research and thought it sounded good, especially if I were to accomplish the same results as some of these other people. So, I just decided at 6pm after i just finished dinner that I was going to start right then and there.

Going to bed that night I was terrified of that was going to happen within my first 24 hours. Was I going to be weak? Will I be dizzy with a bad headache? Will I be starving?

Well, somehow I am now a little over 24 hours in.

I don’t feel awful, but I am hungry and the fact that I have my period on top of it is actually making me confused as to ” Is it my period” or “Is it the fast”?

I woke up around 7:30 for work and went about my day. I don’t usually eat breakfast before work anyways, but when I have to work Saturdays I do try to treat myself and grab a breakfast sandwich on my way or pack some snacks, but not today!

After work I went home and my boyfriend and I went out for a bit to see his family. His mom gave us money to go get some food. This ended up with me taking my boyfriend to Popeyes so that he can eat. I sat there next to him just smelling his chicken and fries. I don’t even like Popeyes and I was practically drooling. It was pretty difficult to sit there and drink my water while smelling all these good smells. I kept thinking maybe I can just have 1 fry or half a biscuit, but I couldn’t do it, I was too close to hitting my 24 hours.

Now that I have at least made it to 24 hours and counting, I wanted to share how I’m feeling. It’s hard to really say if its the fast that’s causing how I feel, or if it’s my period, so I’m just going to blame both.

  • I have a very slight headache, my face feels warm, but nothing major
  • I experienced 1 real dizzy moment while I was walking, where I got very dizzy for a solid few seconds, but haven’t had anymore since
  • I have energy, but I don’t. Im usually pretty tired after having to wake up early for work and can easily take a nap. Today when I tried I just could not fall asleep, hopefully tonight will be better. I have energy, but not enough to go out running around town.
  • Feeling a little slow, can’t type as fast, my talking has slowed down a little ( yay for my boyfriend)
  • I’m hungry, duh. I have not put anything other then water into my body for the last now 26 hours. Everything sounds and looks good. I watched a video of chocolate being poured on this ice cream sandwich donut literally bout 8 times in a row. I find myself obsessing over food and thinking about that I’m going to be able to eat when this is over.

Other then that, I don’t feel too bad, I thought it would be worse, but I still have 48 hours left. Tomorrow ( Sunday) at least I get to sleep in and then I have somewhere to be at 5pm. I’m hoping that will make for a quick day. Monday I’m going to have to deal with not eating anything at work all day. I will hit my 72 hours around dinner time on Monday, so I’m already planning on having some chicken noddle soup then.

I will update on my progress for anyone who wants to attempt this. I’m not a doctor though, so you should consult with one before attempting this!

UPDATE- So, I ended up breaking my fast at the 48 hour mark, not because it was getting too hard, but because I didn’t feel like I needed to continue past then ( plus someone offered me pizza from my favorite pizza place, how do I turn that down?).

I was afraid I would not be able to fall asleep last night. I usually have a hard time sleeping when I’m hungry. To my surprise I must have passed right out. I am a very light sleeper so anytime my boyfriend moves or gets out of bed I usually wake up, but this didn’t happen at all. I must have passed out before 11 and woke up before 8. When I got up I didn’t feel hungry or dizzy or anything. I got up to use the bathroom and weigh myself. I had lost 3 pounds.

I went back to bed on and off for a few more houses and finally got up for good around 12:30 pm. I again weighed myself and I was surprised to see another pound lost. So , that equals to 4 pounds lost.

I was feeling OK all day. Only twice did I feel dizzy after standing up and I wasn’t having any cravings for the most part. Although, on Sundays I usually make a nice breakfast and I had a hard time accepting that I couldn’t do that today.

I had episodes of feeling really weak. Walking up and down the stairs felt like I was doing 5 mile run ( not like I would know how that feels), and taking a showing became a little difficult. I also noticed some body pain, changing the radio stations in the car started to hurt my arm. My head was also a little foggy, which was what bothered me the most. I was thinking slow and was unfocused on my surroundings.

I had to be somewhere around my 48 hour mark and before I left I was already planning on breaking the fast tonight. I knew I could go one more day, but I didn’t see a point in it. I had already proved to myself that I can go without food and that I am not a slave to food. I learned how to deal with my cravings and that if I eat much less or not have to snack in between meals, that I’m not going to starve.

For me I was doing this fast to see if I would lose any weight, but not long after doing it I learned to do it for so many other reasons. Speaking of losing weight, I will update tomorrow if I lost anymore weight.

Would I do this again? Yes, now that I know I can do it I would even consider just doing 24 hour fasts every once in a while. Maybe one of these days I will attempt at the whole 72 hour one.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions!

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