Is being in your mid 20s everything you thought and hoped that it would be?

Personally, I really hope your answer to that was one big fat NO so that I do not feel like I am doing it all wrong.

In a few short months I will be turning 26. When I turned 25 I thought I felt like I was having a midlife crisis already. Needless to say.. I am not too excited about this upcoming birthday, or any birthday after my 21st…if we are being honest.

Being in your 20s is a confusing time. I know people who are still living at home, people who have their own place, bought a house… Some are married, most are not…. Some had a baby, some had 3… Some have a good job and some are still working at fast food restaurants.

How do we know if we are doing it right?

I would like to think that I am on the right path. I mean, I have a bachelors degree, a decent job where I am working on getting my real estate license, a nice townhouse in a nice town. I bought my own car and am in a long term committed relationship. What am I missing?

Everywhere I turn I feel like people are rushing me. My parents expect me to be making 50,000 + a year with a 401K and to have enough money saved to buy a house. Most of my friends have 1 or 2 babies, with some of those friends being years younger then me.

I see friends all over social media going out partying every weekend and then some are too busy sitting at home with their kids. I am stuck right in the middle of it all and I have never felt so alone and confused.

I am too young to be sitting at home doing nothing all weekend, but too old to be acting like a careless college kid with no responsibilities.

Am I happy with what I have accomplished so far? Yes. Am I in a rush to want more? Probably.

I want to get engaged to my boyfriend of 8 years ( although to my family, 25 is too young to get engaged), and I want move out of state. Then, maybe I would feel a little better, but maybe that still would not be good enough?

Along with everyone being in a rush these days and being on different pages with just about everyone you come across… It is also such a confusing time when trying to make friends!

Friends that I were close to in high school and even the ones that stuck around through college have all moved on with their lives. There are 3 girls who I have considered my best friends throughout my life. One moved out of state ( a few times), one just got married and we haven’t had a real conversation since I went away to college, and the other is engaged, just bought a house, and has a baby (unlike with everyone else, we still kind of talk).

With all that being said, I have been desperate to make new friends, but how? I work in a small office with women who are all at least 10 years older then me. Don’t get me wrong, we are all pretty close and they know everything about my life, but I would not call them up and ask if they wanna go out or come chill at my place.

It is like high school all over again, but worse. Everyone already has their “squad”, the group they go out with on the weekends, the ones they turn to when they are bored. They already have their people, so why would they change that?

I try to squeeze myself into their life, but each time I just feel like I am wasting my time. Again, maybe it just all comes back down to the fact that everyone is on different pages, or maybe I just need a fresh start. Maybe I need that move that I talked about above and need to put myself in a whole new environment where I can start all over again with all new people.

Who knew being 25 would be so confusing?

Does anybody else ever feel this way or do you feel you are exactly where you should be?

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