The truth about nipple piercings

As I sit here on a literally 100 degree Saturday afternoon, I can honestly not recall a good memory of having a nipple piercing. From beginning to end, it was defiantly something I could have lived without, but would I do it again? Probably.

Lets throw back to wayyyyyy long ago when I was just a little elementary school girl. Whenever my friends and I would play “house” we would start off with describing how we imagined our “character” to look like. I was always the girl with long blonde hair, a tan, long nails, and of course nipple piercings. How I even knew that nipple piercings were a thing way back then, I have NO idea.

Now, let’s touch on early high school. I met a girl who was a few years older then me who just so happened to have her nipples pierced. She told me the story of how she randomly got them done on the beach and I just remembered being mortified by it…like you really got naked in front of a random person at some place at the beach? This thought freaked me out. But, I looked up to this girl, I thought she was the coolest person ever and I wanted to grow up to be just like her. I felt so cool whenever I got to be around her. Mind you, I was probably a freshman and she was a senior in high school. She went to a different school, so that made me feel even cooler, like I had “connections”. Anyways, after meeting her that made me love the idea of nipple piercings even more.

Now, lets bring us to May two years ago, so maybe 2016? The thought of the piercings crossed my mind a few times throughout high school- after college, but I was too chicken to ever consider actually getting it done. To top it off my mother almost legit had a heart attack after I randomly got my NOSE pierced while I was in my last years of college… I don’t know how it even all happened, but my boyfriend and I went to the mall to do some shopping for his birthday (Yes, I was lazy and took him to go pick out his own gift.) When we walked in there was a tattoo place right there and I was joking that I should just get my nipples pierced. My boyfriend was not crazy about the idea, but he told me that if I wanted to that I should just do it already. It wasn’t totally random due to the fact that I would mention it here and there, but I was not planning to leave the mall with anything pierced that day…..but, I did.

Once I get something in my head, I obsess over it and I don’t shut up until I do or buy whatever it is. We did our shopping and the thought of getting the piercing just kept getting stronger and stronger. So, as we were about to walk out of the mall I decided that I was just going to do it.

LET ME TELL YOU, I never felt so uncomfortable in my life. The guy who was going to pierce me was very nice and helpful, but his comments… As I was picking out a ring I could not decide between a white one or I think the other was blue. I told the guy I think I was going to do the white and he said “that’s going to look fucking hot”…..okay.

Then, when It was time to take off my clothes he asked me ” Are those homegrown”…. I looked at him “What?” Until I figured out what he was talking about. A little TMI here, but I’m only a 34B-C, nothing all that special. To be honest though, as uncomfortable as I was at that moment, I did walk out of there feeling like I was a DD.  Maybe I should throw in there that in my whole, I think I was 23? at the time, years of living, the ONLY people who have EVER seen me topless was of course my family when I was younger, my doctor, and my long term boyfriend. So, having this RANDOM dude not only seeing me topless, but having to actually touch me, was something else.

So, after all that It was finally time to have a large needle looking thing shoved into my nipples and OH MY GOSH, the PAIN! I asked a few people before hand if it hurt and they kept telling me it wasn’t that bad, so I was expecting some pain, but that was not even close to the pain I felt. I wasn’t new to piercings either, I mean I have my ears, belly button, and had my nose pierced. My entire body like shot in the air and tensed up. I thought I was going to pass out. The process was not all that quick either. Once he was done with the first one I wondered if I really needed the other one done or if I could just stop now. I thought since I now at least knew what to expect that the second one wouldn’t be as bad. Once again, I was wrong.

By the time he was done, I got dressed and paid so quickly that it was like I wasn’t even there. I didn’t even talk to my boyfriend who was waiting for me in the waiting area for a good 5 minutes because I was just in shock.

So, after all that initial pain I suffered with some after pain for about a month or so. I was just so sore, it hurt to do just about anything. I’m a stomach sleeper so that wasn’t working out well for me. I wore a sports bra 27/4 for those first few months and I still felt some pain. The pressure from the bra eased some of the pain, but at the same time it also caused pain. It was a no win situation. People at work were like ” What the fuck is wrong with her” because I was constantly holding my boobs to ease the soreness.

After a good few months all that pain and soreness went away and I was just left with the everyday struggles of having your nipples pierced. SIDENOTE- I’ve talked to some friends who have their nipples pierced and they didn’t seem to have any issues with them, so MAYBE it was just something the piercer did or that my body just reacted a certain way towards them.

1.) Wearing a towel after a shower is a NO GO. All it did was pull down my piercings and cause pain.

2.) This should have been #1 but SHOWERING. You need to be so careful! I once accidently got my loofa stuck on the piercing and was in a rush and didn’t notice until I ripped It away…. just take a second to picture that…. I instantly screamed and the blood started. The pain was almost as bad as getting the actual piercing. Not to mention that it must have pulled the ring closer to the surface of my nipple, so now for the next year or so I was sketched out that I was just going to rip apart my nipple..

Also, sometimes its just me, but the water pressure would hurt my nipples almost making them have a burning sensation.

3.) Not going into detail with this one but I’ve heard stories about how your sex would be better because now your nipples are more sensitive and it will feel better…I felt nothing.

4.) Who would have thought, but brushing your hair after showering. So, I already mentioned that I could not wear a towel after I shower, so I would often brush my hair naked. This would lead to me sometimes accidently brushing my piercing and again PAIN.

5.) No matter how well I took care of the piercing and cleaned them the way the piercer told me to, mine always got a little crusty and would bleed a little bit.

To pretty much sum up what I didn’t think was going to be this long of a post. That shit hurt on a everyday basis. As nice as they looked, I’m not sure they were work the everyday struggles, no matter how small they were. It was also stupid because I’m not the type of person who Is going to walk around in public without a bra, so it wasn’t even like anyone saw them or knew I had them done. That really didn’t matter too much to me though, I thought of it as I had something no one knew about and it made me feel “bad”. If that makes sense.

It was only last night that I was In the shower and I realized that I’m kind of over not them, but the struggles they bring. I had them for maybe a little over 2 years and I felt like it was just time. I probably did some damage to them after all the issues I faced, so I figured I would take them out for the 1st time and let them heal and maybe down the road I could get them done again if I’m feeling that insane.

Getting them out was not easy. After oiling them up I was able to get one out with little issues, but that last one would not come out. I tried and tried until my finger was literally numb from the pain of twisting and twisting. I ended up getting it out by my boyfriend using a pair of PLIERS…. then I went to bed and was sore all night into the morning. BUT, let me tell you, I finally feel FREE! I can accidently do anything and know that I will not be hurting myself. Surprising, my boyfriend is also very happy that they are gone.

Moral of the very long story. Would I recommend getting your nipples pierced? Yes, even though I had a lot of pain and inconvenient struggles, they made me feel like a bad ass and girl, as long as you are feeling good about yourself, then the pain is worth it. However, am I glad that they are finally out now? So far, hell yes.

I hope that if your thinking about getting your nipples pierced that this prepared you a little bit more. I know that I wish I was a little more prepared before going into all of this, but it wouldn’t have changed my mind anyways.

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  1. I have ear, belly button, clitoral and nose piercings. I did consider a nipple piercing, but not now. I have what my more curvaceous friends call ‘fried egg’ boobs with permanently sticking out nipples that catch on pretty much everything i put on and take off. I don’t need this kind of hell or pain. Thank you for helping me make my mind up. 🙂


    1. I’m glad I could help! Don’t get me wrong, I loved how it looked, but the love/hate relationship with them got annoying!

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