Midlife crisis at 24??

  Can you go through a midlife crisis at 24 years old?

That was my google search for the day and if you were wondering, no- it is unlikely to have that issue so young (at least from what google told me).

Today has just been an off day. Waking up this morning I had a strong urge to go back to my college town, 2 hour away.  I wanted to go to my favorite movie theater in town where my boyfriend and I would go on chilly nights way back when. I craved the pizza and breadsticks from my favorite little Italian Restaurant that we never saw the front of since for some reason we always went in through the backdoor. I pictured myself walking around campus with my boyfriend, roaming all the halls that I used to walk down every single day,  dreading going to class. I could almost taste the frozen chicken sandwiches that I would buy by the school store, that is probably the reason for my college weight gain. Man, do I miss all that some days.

If you haven’t read any of my past blogs, let me fill you in. In my college career I switched schools a few times during my first 2 years (almost giving my parents a heart attack). Then, FINALLY I found MY school at Pennsylvania College of Technology, aka Penn College, aka PCT. The school is located in Williamsport, Pa, aka crack head town. I’m not sure if anyone else actually calls it that, but most people do not have any positive names for Williamsport. If it wasn’t for the college or the little league world series, I do not think the town would survive. Outside of campus, it was not a safe or clean town. You had your alcoholics, your drug addicts, and then your people/ families who came from the ghetto somewhere who could not even understand how to put a sentence together. It’s a rough town to say the least, but somehow in my very few rare occasions of being drunk and walking down the street alone at night, I felt safe.

I remember toward the end of my senior year, I could not wait to leave that shitty ass town. I could care less if I was ever in that town again.

Now, about 2 years later here I am craving every part of that town and the feelings and memories I had in those 2 short years.


I think about my life now and wonder how the hell can I be missing those times? To start off, I was BROKE. I worked 2 or sometimes 3 times a week at a fancy restaurant on campus as a dishwasher. I spent 2 school years at that job, making barely enough for anything. My parents gave me a credit card and let me use so much money toward food and gas, but somehow I always managed to go over and would then use my own money for whatever I needed. It got to the point where there were times I would sell some old clothes or junk on Facebook groups to get a little extra cash to go out or buy something small. My boyfriends pay from his job always went toward his rent and food, so neatness to say we really didn’t get to go out much in town those 2 years.

Anyways, so yes. I was broke and I was driving around in my parents old car they let me take with me. I was over the whole school thing and the obnoxious college students and just everything, not to mention I missed my cat so much those 2 years. Now, here I am living in a nice townhouse in a beautiful “high scale” town with that same boyfriend, I love my job and not being completely broke, a little over a year after graduating college I bought a brand new car on my own, and my kitty is back to living with me. So, to say the least I feel like I’m doing pretty good in life for being 24 and I’m content with where I’m at.

But, days like today I think about how if I were to have the chance to go back up to shitty Williamsport and do it all over again, even for just a short amount of time, I think I would.

It’s crazy because my family is so big on making a lot of money, being able to afford nice things and vacations, and all of that material stuff in a way. When I was in school I had no money, my clothes didn’t even fit me right half the time, I didn’t have anything for my apartment (other then the necessities). let alone anything nice, my vacations consisted of a weekend camping trip down the road, and when we did treat ourselves and go out, we certainly were not eating steak and lobster. Yet, I was pretty happy.

Since I had graduated in 2015 I have been down in Williamsport a few times for job interviews over a year ago. I think another little weekend in town soon will be more then enough to fill my current craving.

Maybe when that weekend comes up I will post some pictures to prove why I should NOT miss being in that town, then maybe you will understand why I call this a midlife crisis!




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  1. Julie Tran says:

    Lovee this! I understand how you feel because I am also 24 and still in college. Stuck in that happy valley of Penn State where everyone just gets trashed and I feel like I am soo over everything and I cannot wait to graduate and go back to Philly but I feel like once I graduate I am going to miss it a lot. Also I thought it was funny that you were talking about Williamsport because I’ve been there several times lol. I definitely enjoyed reading your article and keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you so much! Enjoy it all and take it all in while you still can!

      Liked by 1 person

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