July 31 Day Challenge!



EXCITING news everyone! If your one of those people who never knows what day it is then hold on tight! Today is the first day of July! When I think of July I think of cookouts, smores, camping, and all things summer!

Personally, July is going to be an exciting month for me (hopefully). I PLAN on getting my butt back to the gym, I am moving into a nicer place mid July, and I am doing this July 31 day challenge!

Being new to blogging I kind of just jumped right into everything. I was so pumped to be writing again that I threw all my ideas into blog posts within the first 2 days. After that I was stuck for a little while wondering what I do next. Well, I decided that for the month of July I am going to challenge myself by doing a blog every single day for the next 31 days, starting 5 minutes ago!

So stick around, it’s going to be an exciting month! Let me know if you guys are challenging yourself this month!

& stick around for tomorrow’s blog where I share my experience with going away to college for the 1st time! Spoiler alert, it wasn’t a good one for me!



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