Meowbox 🐱

You spend all day everyday tracking that shipping number until that package arrives at your front door. You feel the excitement of opening the door and diving into your package. There is no greater feeling then getting a new fresh package in the mail.

If your a human and are anything like me, then you most likely share those same feelings. BUT, what about our non human friends? Shouldn’t they be able to share those same experiences as we do? Well, now they can!

Thanks to my favorite YouTuber, Casey Holmes, I have learned all about the Bark Box. This is a monthly subscription of treats and toys for your DOG! It was such a great feeling watching her dogs, Daisy and Rose, receive their boxes every month filled with all types of good stuff! Now, I don’t have a dog anymore (RIP Winter ❤🐶), but I do have a cat.

One day I decided to look up “bark box for cats” and I surprisingly came across the Meow Box. Now, the bark and the meow box are NOT affiliated, but they are just about the same thing. I didn’t even have to think about it, I signed my cat, Bella, up for a monthly  subscription quicker then I could even pull out my credit card.

It was a very easy process. I filled out both my and my cats information and then decided what type of subscription I wanted for her. You could do the monthly subscription or the every other month one. No matter what one you pick, you still get 4-6 items in each box as well as free shipping. Now, the plans do automatically renew, but you can cancel anytime and I believe you can even skip months if you wanted to. Similar to those shoedazzle and just fab and all those other types of human monthly subscriptions.

My cat is spoiled, so I picked the monthly one. It’s $22 a month, but I did google discount codes and ended up finding a 10% off code for my first month, so I ended up paying about $20.

Aside from the fact that my cat is going to be  receiving some great toys and healthy, organic treats, you will also be helping to feed other cats.

They have more information on their website, but they say that “for every meowbox you buy, we give a can of food (or monetary equivalent) to a shelter cat on your behalf”. How cool is that! On top of that they also give you a code so you can see where you helped out at!

My cat got her first meow box in today. Everything in it was so nicely put together and there are defiantly high-quality toys and treats. Now, it’s only our first box so far, but as of right now if you love your cat at much as I love mine, I would definitely recommend signing up!


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