Where Is The Love?

With so much negative events happening throughout the world, you have to stop and wonder what is going to happen next? How is the next 5 years going to play out? Everyday there seems to be a new tragedy.

You don’t ever think that something bad is going to hit so close to home, until it does.

Today, June 8th, 2017 I took a sick day from work. I have not taken a day off in months. I went to bed with a migraine and woke up the same way. I hate taking sick days, but today my mind was already made up. I physically felt awful and at 7am I did not think that my day could get any worse, and then it did.

After finally getting out of bed I did my usual scroll through social media. I came across a story about someone committing a murder suicide not too far away from where I currently live. Of course I thought it was terrible, but I did not think too much of it. Then, I found out who the person was who committed such a horrible act.

I was in shock. *Names and details will not be mentioned in this blog.*

I went to school with the kid. I knew him since elementary school. I cannot go as far to say that we were friends, but everyone knew him. He was one of the nicest people you could meet. I remember seeing him around school hanging out with his few friends. I knew they were into computers and cartoons and video games. Everyone knew that.

What everyone did not know was the demons he was facing. I mean, do we ever? Do we ever just stop for a second and think about what the person next to us is going through? Do we ever care enough to take care of each other, even just a little bit?

This kid had a lot going through his head. He was lost, mentally and physically. He lived his life through fake cartoon characters that he created. He lived his life through social media pretending to be someone else.

Last night, he took the life of 3 of his coworkers and then himself. Why didn’t he reach out for help? Why did he have to drag others down with him? Why can’t we help each other to keep each other safe and stable? Why is this happing all over the world?

I have so many questions that may never get answered.  If you or someone you know is going through a hard time in life, get help! There are other ways to deal with your depression, confusion, anger, loneliness, and whatever else you may be feeling.

Lets stop hurting ourselves and others and start taking care of each other! This world we know today is going to shit too fast and we need to step up and do something. If only we knew where to begin…

To say the least, I thought my headache today was my biggest battle. There are people out there facing things that no one can ever imagine. I thought I had a bad day, boy was I wrong. Everyone is fighting their own battle.

RIP to all those lost too soon and their families who will never be the same**

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