“Oh My Goodness!”

So, since my last Blog was a little heavy I wanted to lighten things up with my #1 favorite Youtuber.

Now, I’m not too involved in Youtube, but within the last few years I have come across a few channels that have inspired me in one way or another. I originally had this blog as my top 3 favorites, but then decided to do just my #1. If you are interested in checking out my other two, they areĀ Jeanine Amapola andĀ Polina Beregova.

My NUMBER ONE girl!- Casey Holmes


https://www.youtube.com/user/itsbl0ndie (Main Channel)

https://www.youtube.com/user/CaseyHolmesVlogs91 (Vlog Channel)

To say the least I have a slight shopping addiction. I found this online boutique called NanaMacs. They do weekly live streams on Facebook showing and trying on all their new products. They are the root of my shopping addiction. Anyways, a few times in their live streams they have mentioned Youtube Star, Casey Holmes. Now, the firstĀ one or two times I did not pay much attention to this. Finally, after a little while I found myself asking “Who is this Casey Holmes chick”? So, I looked her up on Youtube and watched a few videos. I instantly was like “YES GIRL!”. Not going to lie, I have not watched many videos on her main channel. I am not a makeup freak so I don’t find any of that stuff to beĀ AS appealingĀ as general vlogs. Now, call me crazy, but I felt like I had ALOT of catching up to do. One day on my day off I decided I was going to binge watch her vlog channel, as If it was Netflix or something. At this point I have watched mostly all of her vlogs.

What I love about Casey is that she is REAL! It is very hard to find someone on Youtube who you feel like you can actually connect with. A lot of the other girls I have watched all think they are hot shit and become really fake, really fast. Not Casey though. For the most part she keeps her channel clean. She does not have to throw the F bomb off every few minutes or dress like she is going to a strip club every weekend. She has adultĀ tasks like everyone else and its just fun to watch. Who thought watching someone go grocery shopping or cleaning their house would be eventful? I find myself trying new things and buying certain stuff because of Casey.Ā  Not to mention the LOVE she has for her dogs! If you watch her vlogs and her interacting with her pups, then you will understand the whole “Oh my goodness”. That itself is one reason to watch her vlogs.

Also, I give this girl mad props for always going out in public with little to no makeup on and STILL looks amazing! I wish I can do that!

I can continue to go on and on, but then I might sound like a crazy obsessive stalker and who wants that? So, I’ll leave it at this. If you are looking for a down to earth Youtuber, then check out her channel. You will not be disappointed.Ā  BTW- She also did a collaboration with Smashbox for her Spotlight Highlighter Palette. I bought it in Pearl and it is amazing!

Check it out here! http://www.sephora.com/spotlight-palette-P417880?skuId=1934645&keyword=casey%20holmes


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